An ongoing delusion from Gregory Blois, contributing editor for the Spiderduck Network.
 - “If it ain't about video games, and it ain’t 6 seconds or less, it ain’t gonna be here.”  

Don't Do It, Activision! 

Mario (after) Party

Good Morning, Consoles! 

Trash Talk? 

Going At Full Steam

Conversations With The Elders

Sesame LEET

The Bad Dialogue Diet

Your TV show is in my video game, and my video game is in your TV show???!!! 

Dragon's Crown Pre-Alpha Footage

Easier Said Than Done

Eat Yer Heart Out, Lara. 

Mario's (secret) World

Claire...After Dark

General Consensus

May 21, 2013


New Game - New Weapons! 

Victory Dinner

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